Imagine that you had an accidental fall and knocked out a tooth. The trauma and stress of a situation like this can make it difficult for people to know how to respond. Thinking clearly under traumatic and painful situations is not easy either. Our team is here to help you through the process of receiving treatment. When it comes to treating those in need of same-day and next-day care, Dr. Kuban and our team work diligently to restore our guests’ comfort and develop a treatment plan to help our patients reclaim their quality of life. Our patient-centered approach to care means that our guests will be treated with compassion, gentleness, and dignity.

Common Dental Emergencies

While no emergency is exactly like another, there are a few common reasons why people come to us for emergency care. We can treat minor oral trauma, broken and/or knocked out teeth, toothaches, and other issues like failing or loose restorations. Our patients in need of expedient care may have suffered an accidental fall, car wreck, or simply developed an infected tooth. Since those in need of emergency care come to us under duress, we focus our efforts on improving our patients’ comfort and restoring oral function. In instances where a person has broken bones, deep lacerations, or bleeding profusely, he or she should visit their nearest emergency room for treatment.

If you have broken or lost a tooth, try to save it by placing it or its pieces in milk or Save-A-Tooth solution. This will help keep dental structures alive in case it is possible to repair or save the tooth. Patients who have suffered injuries that affect the structure or placement of teeth may need restorative care, tooth extractions, and endodontic therapy.

Making an Emergency Dental Appointment

If you have suffered a dental injury or have developed painful symptoms, it is important to call our practice as soon as you can. When you call, be sure to notify our staff of the nature and extent of your injuries so that we can prepare for your visit. If there are tips we can provide to make our patients more comfortable, we will make recommendations to them over the phone or in person. After speaking with our team, we will determine the best course of action for your situation.

Common Questions about Emergency Dentistry

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry involves the examination and treatment of patients in situations that need expedient treatment. Our practice provides emergency dentistry on an as-needed basis. Patients that need same-day or next-day care can call our office so that we can adjust our daily schedule for unanticipated events.

Sometimes emergency dentistry involves repairing and salvaging broken or cracked teeth. Other times, patients might need tooth extractions after developing severe internal infections. Of course, treating toothaches is a large part of emergency care.

It’s not uncommon for a patient receiving emergency care to need to come back to our practice at a later date. Treatment might need to be divided into phases or an infection needs to clear before treatment such as placing restorations or a tooth extraction. When it comes to an emergency appointment, our mission is to improve a patient’s comfort and an environment for optimal recovery.

Do you need emergency dental care?

If you are experiencing significant discomfort in the form of toothaches or facial pain caused by a dental injury or oral disease, you should call our practice to speak with a member of our team. The more you can tell us about your symptoms and situation, the better. Information about your situation will help us prepare for your visit.

What if I break a tooth?

If you break a tooth, gather up the tooth and/or its pieces. If possible, place these pieces or the tooth itself in Save-A-Tooth solution. This solution will help keep living tissue alive while you wait to come to our practice for treatment. Save-A-Tooth solution is available at many supermarkets and pharmacies. If this solution is not available, place your tooth in milk.

We will do our best to repair broken teeth with bonding treatments and restorations. If a tooth is lost, our practice has tooth replacement solutions such as dental implants available.

Types of dental emergencies?

There a few different common scenarios where a person might need emergency treatment. For instance, patients sometimes come to us after a sports injury or vehicle accident. These types of injuries can knock out teeth and cut into soft oral tissue. Serious accidents and injuries, however, should be treated by medical staff at an emergency room. If you are bleeding profusely, losing consciousness, or have injuries elsewhere, visit your nearest hospital for treatment.

Other examples of common dental emergencies include toothaches, broken or failing restorations, and infections like abscesses.

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